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A Look At Some Differences Between Pine And Oak Furniture

As many people love wood furnishings and how they look in their homes, wood is one of the most commonly used materials in the home.  It is used for anything from cabinets, wardrobes and chests of drawers to tables and lots more.  Now there are obviously various types of wood, but while they all have their merit – it is fair to say that oak and pine are perhaps two of the most popular choices.  Despite this commonality though, the two woods are very different from each other.  If you are interested in buying some oak or maybe pine furniture from a company such as Farmhouse Furnishings, it is good to understand the difference between the two to help you pick what it best for you and your home.

Style And Beauty

 They are very similar in terms of style and looks, and both have that very natural and warm look of wood. While you may be able to choose lighter or darker options of either, it is generally the case that pine has the lighter tone and is smoother to touch and to look at, while oak is darker and a less smooth finish.


Compared to pine trees, oak trees grow more gradually and slowly over time.  As a result the wood is very dense and tougher than pine, which is known as a softwood.  In terms of furnishings, it means that for the most part oak may last longer and suffer less dinks and dents.  However, it can also as you will see, cost a lot more than pine.  As with any aspect of each wood you have to take it as part of a bigger picture.  Oak may be better, but pine is not bad and if you have limited budget, many pine pieces will last just as long and cost less.


When considering whether you want either pine or oak, you need to look at at the price of both.  Although they are very similar, because oak trees take longer to grow, the wood from those trees is a lot more expensive and therefore the end result furniture is more expensive.  This is why if you are looking for something that is going to be friendlier on your bank account, but will look every bit as natural and rustic as oak furniture, you should opt for the less pricey pine furniture.

Maintenance And Care

It is very much the same story with any type of wooden furniture – you need to take care to preserve the original quality and beauty.  Regardless of how hard wearing and robust the wood is, there will come a time when it starts to show signs of wear and tear – you want to fight this off for as long as possible.  Not only to keep it looking great, but it will also help improve and increase the return you get in terms of how long it lasts and the value of money it gives you.  Take oak furniture for instance – oak is very highly resistant to moisture, but can still rot or warp if it is exposed to too much liquid too frequently.  It is true that because of how much longer oak lasts than pine, it requires less effort, time and money to look after.  However, oak is more expensive from initial cost, and by opting for pine even if it does require more money and time spent on it, may still save you money.  This is important if you are looking to not spend too much but want a good quality of wood that will last you long enough to be considered a good purchase.

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