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A Look At The Differences Between Pine Furniture and Oak Furniture

Although they are normally considered very similar, there are actually very few things that oak and pine have in common. As they are quite different from each other, they have their own pros and cons, so if you are thinking of buying bespoke oak furniture or bespoke pine furniture (offered by Farmhouse Furnishings) you need to take these pros and cons into consideration.

While pine is usually more rustic with traditional and Mexican furniture styles because of how easily it can be machined into intricate patterns and the colours the wood can be finished with; Oak is generally used for a greater number of styles from the traditional designs of old to more modern looks.

In the following article we will look at what makes both oak and pine furniture worthy of your consideration when you are looking for a piece that is aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting and functional.

The Main Difference Between Pine And Oak

The biggest and most important difference between pine and oak as raw materials and the furniture made from them is that oak is a hardwood and pine is a softwood. As a result, oak has outstanding resistance against wear and tear, is very hard wearing and heavy; while pine is stiff, resists shock well and is moderate in weight. You will notice when you look and compare oak furniture with pine furniture that oak is a lot more expensive, this is because oak takes a lot longer to grow.

A huge positive in favour of pine furniture, following on from the above, is that pine furniture, even the bespoke made to order items are much more affordable. It is perfect for bedroom furniture in a child’s room because although you want something robust and durable, why spend too much on something they will grow out of and may want to replace? As proof of just how sturdy pine is, it is almost exclusively used for bunk beds.

Benefits Of Pine Furniture

Often pine is the wood of choice for the popular painted furniture that is available a lot more these days. This is due to the fact that pine can take paints and stains very well, so bedroom furniture painted in white, cream and ivory is almost always pine. Cuts of pine that are used for furniture is often knot-free as this ensures that the colour is both consistent and smooth.

Benefits Of Oak Furniture

People tend to justify spending more for oak furniture because it is harder wearing and last longer than pine furniture This is why so many manufacturers use oak for dining furniture, such as dining tables and chairs. r wearing than pine. This makes oak furniture an ideal wood for dining furniture, particularly oak dining tables. There is also the fact of having a piece of furniture that features a large surface area of exposed oak can be an interesting and eye-catching focal point for either your dining room or kitchen.

Things To Think About When Making The Final Choice

As both are as equally stylish and beautiful as the other, there is no real winner when comparing oak furniture with pine furniture. In order to choose the best wood for your home and furniture needs, you need to look carefully at the unique qualities that each type of wood possess. As with anything you buy to decorate and furnish your home with, it is your decision and of those who live with you alone, that your purchases should be based on.

If you want a truly unique piece of long lasting, but affordable furniture you can get bespoke pine furniture directly from Farmhouse Furnishings.

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