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Things To Consider When Choosing Dining Room Chairs

If you are interested in trying to improve the look and feel of your home, an easy way to do it is by replacing your dining chairs in either your kitchen or dining room with the bespoke pine dining chairs available from Farmhouse Furnishings. It is also a good idea, especially if you are buying a new table, to avoid buying the table and chairs as a set because that way you will be able to buy chairs that are styled separately but nonetheless go well with the table. Before you start looking and ordering chairs though, there are some things you should consider carefully that are discussed in the following post.

Measure For The Right Size

The very first thing you need to do is measure the dining table you have or find out the dimensions of the one you are going to buy, as you need to work out how wife chairs can be to be able to fit under it comfortably. You should allow some space at the left and right side, so you and your guests never feel squashed together without any breathing space. As a general rule of thumb you should opt for chairs that are at least 50 cm wide or more, for the highest level of comfort possible.

You should also give thought to the table’s shape. Another thing to think about is the shape of your table. For example, if the table is oval or round, there will be a limited amount of space underneath, so you will want to ensure that when the table and chairs are not in use they can be tucked under neatly. A general rule of thumb is that you need to for table top space for each person of at least 75 cm for circular tables and 60 cm for rectangular tables.

Choosing The Style

When it comes to the style of your dining chairs, you need to choose something that will work with your table, not against it. As well as choosing chairs of the same type of wood as your table, you should try to match the actual style as closely as possible. For example a very modern glass table will probably look a little out of place with very old-fashioned country kitchen-styled stained wooden chairs.

Consider Comfort

Give some thought to how often you see your dining table and chairs being used. If you hardly ever have dinner guests or eat meals elsewhere in your home; it is not imperative that you pick out the most luxurious chairs available within your budget. However, you do still need to pick something you can envision you and any guests you have sitting on for a few hours.

One great option is upholstered dining chairs as these are comfortable, look good and materials such as leather are not only long-lasting, but are easy to clean by just wiping them down. If you don’t use your dining table and chairs very often, you still should avoid too hard a chair as it will make your dinner guests (when you have them) fidget. Although purchasing cushioned chairs will not change the price of your purchase, the deeper the cushioning and greater the number of springs you want will improve when you invest more money.

Another tip when it comes to style to think about is buying chairs with particular features such as arms that mean they could be used throughout the house, even when you are not eating at your dining table.

It Comes Down To Personal Preference And Taste

While it is true that most of the best bargains, for the best value for money, are available online; you should, when you are able to, travel to an actual shop or showroom to test out dining chairs. The only way you can really check how sturdy and comfortable they are by sitting on them and trying them out.

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