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Tips To Help Pine Furniture Fit In Any Bedroom

Great quality pine wardrobes work well in both traditional and traditional-adjacent bedrooms.  This much is true, but any modest, vintage or rustic styled interior could benefit from a quality pine piece of furniture like a wardrobe.  Particularly if you are looking at every single minute detail when you are decorating your home.  Below you will find a selection of great tips to help you find the best pine furniture for your bedroom, no matter the style, size or layout.

Solid Wood Pieces Will Give A Sophisticated Look

 If you really want a piece of furniture that is going to impress and lift the whole feel and look of your bedroom, you should consider a complete solid wood piece.  While solid wood doors always look a little bulky, you should remember that pine is one of the lightest wood shades so even the biggest and most spacious pine furniture will never feel overly obtrusive.

The Addition Of A Mirror Will Add Transparency

By opting for one door of the wardrobe to have a mirror installed, it will add an extra level of transparency and make the whole piece look and feel lighter.  As well as allowing you to downsize and minimise other furnishings you may have normally needed.

Try To Only Use Other Furniture Made From Pine

 If you have a pine wardrobe in mind for your bedroom, it is a good idea when choosing any other wooden furniture that you look for pieces made from the same material.  If you are not going to stick to material type, you need to at least make sure it matches the shade of pine of your wardrobe.

Make Full Use Of Alcoves In Your Room

When it comes to choosing the best place to position your pine furniture, if your bedroom has any alcoves or niches, these are ideal.  As alcoves often feel like a continuation of the wall, filling in that space with a wardrobe will not hinder the feeling of space in your room.  For smaller bedrooms it is better to stick to a standard corner piece as it enables you to make full and effective use of the space available to you.

Pair Matching Pieces Together In The Same Room

Rather than having one big wardrobe it can give your bedroom a good look and feel if you say, have 2 matching, but small wardrobes at either side of a wall.  It will give a cosy and sweet feel and any other furniture you decide upon should be pine too, as other shades of wood and types of wood is likely to clash.

Add A Touch Of Retro With A Vintage Piece

If you are interested in the growing trend of retro and nostalgic-filled décor, you should look for a nice vintage pine wardrobe or chest of drawers.  Not only will this be a relatively easy thing to do, well chosen pieces of furniture can help emphasise the theme of a particularly room.

Choose Only Natural Wood Finishes

Don’t be swayed by anything too far out there.  While there is nothing wrong in principle with having wooden furniture with interesting and eye catching colours and strains, your room will have a more timeless atmosphere and ambiance if you stick to more traditional and natural wood finishes.

Although the list above is not exhaustive, it should give you some ideas why you should think of choosing pine furniture, like that available from Farmhouse Furnishings.  If you are not sure what you want and where you want it to go, you could always get in contact with one of the team, who would be more than happy to give you advice and guidance.

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